Welcome To Eccowas (cosmopolitan) College & Omolabake Nursery / Primary School

Our dearly beloved It's usually very heartwarming to have a rare opportunity as this to welcome friends,parents/guardians, families and children to our website.


We rejoice at this because it's an evident token of your acceptance and consequent patronage as you give us the chance to partner with you in this God-given role of child rearing. We cannot be thankful enough. On this platform, we bring you inspiring and exciting updates of the work we are doing with the children you have entrusted in our care to develop their minds and ensure an enduring love for learning, service, friendship and leadership building aimed at redefining our world and combined future for good success.


To attain these audacious goals, we have put in place a friendly and stimulating environment where caregivers have committed their hearts and spirits to deliver your expectations.


There's no stopping us in this resolve and because you have our backs, we are persuaded beyond every iota of doubt that we have you covered. It's just that simple Our doors are always open through our various channels


We welcome you and may God bless you surely.

SAM K. ODUNARO - Proprietor

Why Choose Us

Imparting sound moral principles in a corrupt polluted world
We foster a strong relationship with the maker of HEAVEN & EARTH .
We understand that learning is a multi-dimensional life-long process. With our broad,rich and integrated curriculum ,we make learning as simple as ABC.
We groom our student explore all that within them with the norm " only the BEST is GOOD" IMPOSSIBLE.
We maintain responsible conduct while upholding the highest ethical standards in our dealings
We emphasize the importance of collaboration as a tool for achieving the IMPOSSIBLE.

About us

Our Mission

  • To provide top quality, total-well round education that will stamp out illitearcy,backwardness,failure and ignorance out of our youths and the society in general .
  • To produce for our society, God-fearing future leader to whom soundness of character, integrity of personality and patriotism, will be fundamental principles of life.

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Our Vision

our VISION demands that we carry out our work in a more professional way with style.

  • To be recognised for our leading educational programmes,empowering our pupils and students to achieve their highest potentials at any level.
  • To become a dominant player in every market we serve, admired by our clients and people.

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School Anthem


Oh Eccowas, the school of solid rocks, knowledge for self sustainance is our goal, oh Eccowas citadal of excellence Preparing us for success

Eccowas the school am proud to be, Great tutors challenging us to be our best taking us to our promise land Till our good is better and our better is best

Oh Eccowas this promise i made to you, to keep your flag flying anywhere i go oh eccowas the school of solid we re shining bright and brighter still.

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