Eccowas(cosmopolitan)College & Omolabake Nur/Pri School

...Education For Future Leaders

Our History

Eccowas (cosmopolitan) College & Omolabake Nusery/ Primary Schools. The seeds of our unique schools were planted on the 7th January, 1991 by a trained teacher and a veteran educationist Mr Sam K odunaro who determines major issues of a vision to provide top quality private education of the highests standard in Ota and its environs.

The institution which started with four (4) teacher and 14 pupils in Tunde Ogun house, Owonifari Close, GRA within the same year moved to Agboola close, along Ijoko Road,because of admission explosion due to changes noticed by parents in their children.

Since then the school has been growing rapidly in geometrical progression and is reported to be among the best in Ota community.

The climax of our operation then,was the gainig of admission into secondary school through a compettitive examination by an 8 year old girl (Miss Blesssing Ijewereme). Since then, it has been success story as we have taken part in series of competitions, representing the Local,State & at the Federal Govt. competitions.

More About Us

Everything we do is inspired by our mission statement that set a clear focus for our work as indicated below:

  • To provide top quality, total-well round education that will stamp out illitearcy,backwardness,failure and ignorance out of our youths and the society in general .
  • To produce youths who will be shining examples in moral and academic excellence.
  • To produce for our society, God-fearing future leader to whom soundness of character, integrity of personality and patriotism, will be fundamental principles of life
  • Exploring Africa Culuturse, through well guided excursion trips to west aFrican Sub regions..
  • To identify and promote individual gifts,talents and potentials ofveach of our students thus helping them grow into educated and responsible individuals whom their parents, families and the larger society can rely.

Haven clearly articulates our organisational mission, our VISION demands that we carry out our work in a more professional way with style.

  • To be recognised for our leading educational programmes,empowering our pupils and students to achieve their highest potentials at any level. .
  • To deliver a top quality education to our diverse students in a serene and friendly environment which inspires a passion for learning, bringing out the best in individual child through partnership of the schools,home and community.
  • To be an exciting place for student to learn, an exciting place for staff to work & an exciting place for parents to train their children.

  • Well stocked library with local and foreign books
  • Fully equipped laboratories & workshops
  • Conducive learning environment
  • Standard sickbay manned by a qualified nurse
  • Full functional and air-conductioned ICT lab
  • efficient transportation system

Primary Segement

Omolabake Nur/Pri School was approved by the Ogun State Ministry of Education on the 22nd / June /1992 and follow up standard mainitenance inspection was carried out by a team of inspectors from Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja o the 7th November 1996

College segement

Ecowas (cosmopolitan) College, which was established in september 2001, got the State Government's Approval to run a Junnior School on the 6th of May, 2003.

  • Secured Approval to present its students for JSC examinations on the 9th December,2003
  • Secured Approval to operate Senior Secondary School on the 4th of March, 2005,
  • NECO'S accreditation to write NECO, SSCE on the 10th of March 2005
  • WAEC'S approval to present its students for WAEC SSCE on the 11th of August, 2005.
  • JAMB'S Aproval to be used as a center for JAMB'S UME & PCE examinations on the 12th of April, 2006.

Our Focus

High moral standards

100% 100% Complete


100% 60% Complete

Continuous learning

90% 80% Complete

Self Reliance

100% 70% Complete

Eccowas (cosmopolitan) College & Omolabake Nur/Pry Schools